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As you all know, we are on the look for creative people all over the world. We have been getting a lot of interesting e-mails, but we want more! So if you think you have a message to deliver – pass it on!
We are in the middle of an exiting period at the moment, getting our Autumn, Winter and Christmas collections togheter. I bet you all want to see it, huh? And you will – soon! Elisabeth Bell is working hard and creates the most beautyful things for you guys to see – can’t wait to show it to you all!

Ok, back to what we were talking about. A lot of things happening, everything have to be finished before soon, very soon.. 🙂
So, we will have to await the results for the DT Call a little longer. We hope you all can forgive us for this “torture” it is to wait for the result, but the one who does,.. and so on 🙂

We will get back to you with updates.
Have a wonderful day ladies!



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